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I don’t have any diet to sell you.  My passion is teaching people how to take charge of their own nutrition, health, and fitness. 

And if there is one thing I wish to impart to you it’s this:

Nutrition for MMA Fighters


Your body is programed to become lean and muscular when you train hard.  So, why do so many fighters who train hard struggle to maintain that iconic, strong, shredded to the bone fighter physique?  Shouldn’t all fighters who work their ass off in the gym look like they are carved out of iron?

Genetics Aren't the Reason You're Fat

I’m not even going to throw abstract science down your throat to argue my point.  It’s really not necessary.

To the trained eye, it seems like common sense.  But the reality is that tons and tons of people who do not fully understand the role of nutrition in the body wrongly accuse their genetics as the reason for why they aren’t looking, performing, or feeling the way they want to.

Our Evolution As Nutrition Coaches

  Hello everyone!  Danny here.  As we prepare to take on more online clients and get to know all about you, I thought it would be appropriate to take a moment to share Abby and I’s story behind discovering our passion for the science of nutrition.  Also, I’d like to get into our methodology as coaches.  This article will be a great way to understand who we are, how we help others achieve their goals, and where we source our knowledge.

Beauty From the Inside Out

  Abby is posting a series on how to improve your complextion by working from the inside out.  Don't be fooled by advertising; healthy skin isnt found in a $100 set of chemical creams, natural or not!  This series will cover nutrition secrets, supplement info, and skin care practices to achieve that healthy radience everyone strives for.  Gentlemen, looking healthy is plenty masculine, so you can benefit from this read as well!

FYI, these links redirect to Abby's blog.

Part 1 - Nutrition For Beautiful Skin

Part 2 - Supplementation For a Glowing Complexion

Part 3 - Natural Skin Care

Wilderness Warrior Manifesto

  This is my dream.  To be a "wilderness warrior."  So...what does that mean?  Well, I'll get to that part.  At this moment, I'm sitting at my computer typing this post after consuming a rich purple smoothie, chock full of pure acai berry puree, banana, chia seeds, frozen kale and an assortment of other exotic foods and powders.  I fortified it with a scoop of vegan protein powder (see Sun Warrior) to encourage my body to rebuild from a rigorous weeks worth of strength training and jiu jitsu.  A part of me is savoring a distinct joyful hum that I always feel when I fill my stomach with foods that seems to vitalize my body and mind (probably 90% mental).  In many ways, this joy is the same as when I savor the feeling of finishing an epic or perfectly balanced workout.  But this morning, like usual, I am contemplating a series of thoughts that run through my head endlessly, day after day.

Strong First. Nutrition Second.

“Are you currently strength training?” 

  The baffled expression that follows this simple question is always priceless.  Regardless of the answer, most people are caught off guard when the person they just hired for nutrition advice is making it a clear priority to ask them if they are strength training.  And I am not asking them  “Are you working out?” or “Do you lift weights?” And I am especially not trying to find out how much time they spend in their “fat burning zone” while prancing on the elliptical. 

  Many people start to shift in their seat a bit when they discover I also don’t care how many calories they burnt last week according to the app on their phone. 

Grappling Preparation Part 3 - The Weigh-In Protocol

Dont let this image strike fear into your heart!
  Whew!  Traveling to Poland and competing was quite an experience.  Ill be sure to create a post about the whole experience soon, but first...I need to finish part 3 of the "Grappling Preparation" series!

  Today, we are going to go over the specifics behind the final preparations needed to make weight and then subsequently fully recover so your performance is not hindered by your weight cut.

  Lets look at how the typical grappler/MMA fighter approaches the task of cutting any significant amount of weight:

Grappling Preparation Part 2 - Training

  The challenge of being prepared for a martial arts competition can be quite daunting.  Those of you that have competed know what I am talking about.  You may feel like a cardio king in practice, but come time to actually apply your skills against an opponent who wants that "W" just as badly as you is a totally different experience.  A match held in a competition setting just moves at an entirely different intensity, no matter how hard you train in a practice setting.  I have gone through two hour practices feeling great leading up to a tourney, yet after my first match I can barely stand or my forearms are so pumped I cant even open my hand.  What I know with an absolute certainty is that "gassing out" in the middle of a match is one of the worst feelings on the planet.  Skill no longer matters and you begin making match ending mistakes while you struggle to survive.  All hope is lost at that point.
   So how do you cross-train to develop the conditioning you need to execute your game plan in a competition?